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Valid switches are listed in the following table.

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Script name. Designates a script to run after you start the program b stands for batch process. Scripts can be used to set up drawing parameters in a new drawing file. Load custom.

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Designates a custom program with the. Template file name. Creates a new drawing based on a template or prototype drawing.

Suppress logo screen. You can even work offline without an internet connection, taking your CAD drawings with you in the field and beyond.

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This new version includes improved graphics and functionality that more closely resemble the desktop version of AutoCAD. There are a couple of things that I really need in my daily usage of this app on my iPad Pro.

Being able to easily draw shapes with set dimensions entered via text entry I thought that I used to be able to do this , and the ability to draw splines. I have to switch back to my Mac in order to accomplish these two tasks and it seems like they should be easy to implement on the iPad.

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Having those two abilities would greatly increase my productivity. I still enjoy the program, I just find myself thinking that it could be a lot more useful with a few additions or tweaks. We are glad to inform you that our latest iOS release version 4. While drawing a line or a shape, tap on a value box to access the tool.

Be aware that this is not a final version of the feature, as we are working on improving it. Please help us make our app better and share your thoughts. Easy to use and very flexible but needs more libraries of objects. The basic home furniture objects are fine, but how about more things for engineering drawings.

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I have AutoCAD on my Mac at home but I am using the iPad for much more of my work, so quick, easy, and portable Had a project I did by hand because no steel shapes library was available. I am fine with making the steel shapes library an in app purchase. I know that other folks will want other libraries for their projects so make them as addons Also let us add a shape we regularly use to the apps objects library that shows up whenever we start app.

I have an adapter and a USB Drive with drawing files on it. I want to edit them from USB drive while I am on the go and then I can drop them on my pc and continue at the office.