How to change usb format to ntfs on mac

Enter a new name for the drive in the field above if you wish. Read the warning carefully before proceeding, as this process will delete any existing data on the drive. These can be particularly helpful if you regularly have to plug your drive into both a Mac and PC both use file sizes larger than that supported by the more universal FAT32 format.

Once installed, the app will mount your Windows drives allowing you to change or remove files to your hearts content. This is an experimental feature and could lead to data loss, so make sure to do a full backup of both your Mac and any data on the drive before continuing.

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As this feature is still in the testing phase however, your files could become corrupted at anytime, so proceed with caution. Connect your NTFS drive, then enter the command:.

How Enable NTFS Writing On Mac – Write to NTFS Drives

This will open the list of drives recognised by macOS. Next, connect your Windows drive to the Mac. Here, you have several options to play with. You can disable or uninstall Tuxera from here, as well as configure other options such as disk caching. Note: The following solution requires you to set up a virtual machine on your Mac and involves the use of a paid software.

This method is only recommended for those who have already purchased and using Parallels Desktop for running Windows on Mac.

If your primary concern is to bring write support for NTFS volumes on Mac, try some other alternatives mentioned in this article. One drawback of using this approach is that if you have multiple partitions on the external USB drive, each of the partitions will be listed by the name of the Virtual Machine used while setting up Parallels Desktop.

Difference between FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS File System - GeeksforGeeks

As a workaround, you may create aliases shortcuts to help yourself identify each of these partitions. The drive partitions will now show up on your Desktop. Select the drive icon on the desktop for which you want to create alias. Use the two finger tap gesture or Control-click and select Make Alias; a shortcut will be created for the same.

Now you can rename the shortcut to the actual name of the partition on your external drive, for your convenience. If you eject the external drive now, it will be unmounted from your system, but the alias you created will remain. Just connect your external drive via Windows on Parallels Desktop again, and you can access its files using the alias.

Hence you can remove write protection of a NTFS formatted drive in Mac OS and copy items from your Mac to the external drive using the above mentioned alternatives. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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