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Some skills are good while others like stealth are just plain useless. You'll notice that some skill points say "cross class" and take two points every time you add them. Scouts have three points per level, scoundrels have five, and soldiers have two. Intelligence plays a role in how many points you have in the beginning of the game and when you level up. Computer use: In order to hack into a computer and perform any operations after the computer is hacked you need to have computer spikes.

The higher the skill is, the less spikes you need. Regarding computer use: If you are looking through a security camera and see you and your party members through the security camera do not select the option to overload the terminal. Doing either of these will send an electric shock wave through the entire room killing you and your party members instantly.

Game over. Stealth is intended for you to sneak past enemies or sneak attack them. I find the skill rather useless as you have to be in SOLO mode in order to have one character stealthed. This means all party members are stationary except for the one you are controlling. There really isn't any point in sneaking past enemies either.

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You might as well kill them. Yeah scoundrels get that bonus sneak attack ability but without your party members by your side it's rather pointless. Awareness is used to primarily be able to see mines that are laying around in various places. The higher your awareness is the better chance you have at spotting a mine. It is important to note that running gives a penalty to awareness.

I haven't really had any trouble with it though.

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Now the game also mentions the ability to see enemies in stealth mode, but you will not have any enemies like that in Kotor1 so there's no need to make your awareness super high. Persuade in the game is exactly what the word means; to try to get someone to see your side or do something for you. The higher your persuade skill is, the more likely the person will be successfully persuaded. It also helps if the person likes you. Repair is used to repair droids that have broken down and are no longer functioning.

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In order to repair droids, you need repair parts. The higher the repair skill is, the less parts you will need to use. Security is essentially your lock picking skills. There are doors and lockers in the game that are locked. The higher your security skill is, the greater chance you have of being able to open the lock. You can just bash the doors or footlockers open. It takes a bit of time with swords, but with lightsabers you should be able to bash them open with a few swings. You miss out on the xp but since the game has a cap of level 20 it doesn't really matter.

Don't add points to security. There are other more important areas.

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Treat injury is pretty important. You will be fighting quite a bit in the game and there are items in the game that will heal you if you use them. The higher your treat injury skill is, the more these items will heal you. Here's a list of all the feats and the grade I give them. You'll notice that if you are fighting with two weapons, your attack will be negative instead of positive on the equip screen there's more about the equip screen later.

In other words, your attacks won't work as well. The primary reason to select this feat is for a strong offense. If you want to build up a defensive character then it would be better to select the Dueling feat. Most force powers don't work with armor.

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As a Scoundrel you get Armor Proficiency Light free. Soldiers get light and medium for free.

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Don't get the heavy or medium option because it's not worth wasting a feat that you'll use for a short while. Alternatively if you want to wear armor then go ahead and pick this feat. Just remember to avoid choosing force powers that are restricted by armor. Caution - Improved Caution B Caution is a good feat to have, but it's not absolutely needed. You might need demolitions sometimes, but you can always boost that skill when you level up.

Stealth is useless. Critical Strike - Master Critical Strike melee weapons only A- This is a good feat to have and can put the hurt on some enemies. At times, there will be enemies whose weak point is critical strike. The only drawback is that it lowers your defense by five points. Scoundrels get critical strike for free instead of Armor Proficiency Medium.

Empathy - Master Empathy B This is an ok feat because it improves three skills: Persuade, Awareness, and Treat Injury. You'll need all of them. However it would be best to select other feats instead of waste it on this. Flurry - Master Flurry melee weapons only A This is an excellent feat that is almost just like critical strike. Flurry only lowers your defense by four points, while master flurry lowers it by only one point. You even get an extra attack in that round. You will definitely need this because this is a way to take down enemy's health fast if you are overwhelmed by enemies.

It is best used along with the force power master speed. It's a good feat to have, but not absolutely necessary. A successful saving throw lets you dodge attacks or take less damage. Implant Level 1 - Implant Level 3 A With this feat you can equip implants that you can find in the game. Some of them increase your attributes while others increase your skills.

Scouts get this feat upgraded for free. If you're not a scout, invest in this feat. Your defense doesn't drop and the only drawback is the -3 attack. It's worth using and having throughout the game.

Power blast is the ranged equivalent to power attack. Rapid shot is the ranged equivalent to flurry. Sniper shot is the ranged equivalent to critical strike. This adds an extra attack point for anyone who is using a blaster rifle. This adds an extra attack point for anyone who uses heavy weapons.

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  5. There are not that many heavy weapons in the game so that's why it gets a B instead of an A because it's not as useful. Use for other party members who will not use lightsabers. Or if you want to fight with swords the entire game go ahead and pick it for your character. At the master level, you gain defense as well as vitality points.

    You can select this at any time you wish because it counts for the previous levels gained. Dueling - Master Dueling A This feat is for those who want to play as a classic Jedi with one lightsaber. The primary reason to take this feat is to focus more on a defensive character than offense. If you don't pick the two weapon fighting line then you will need to pick this one. That being said, it's time to choose the feats. Your best bet is to select Power Attack, Flurry, or critical strike.

    After reading the introduction, you see your character on It's probably the shortest one as well. This is mostly a tutorial section so you can know how everything works. A guy named Trask will run through the door and tells you everything you need to know for now. It doesn't matter what dialog you use, it all leads up to the same thing. He will eventually tell you how to get your gear and equip it. This took a while for me to figure out, even when I asked him how to do it.

    It's actually pretty simple. Just go over to the footlocker behind you.