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Originally this DVD was not ever intended to be released publicly, but after I mentioned it in my GeForce Easy Installer topic, people have been asking me to release it since Put simply, I think there have been too many Install DVDs over the years that contain un-needed applications, some of which are even installed by default, or others have included annoying customisations. What would you rather have? A half working system with a few extra programs - or a fully functional one?

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Well, I started putting it together on the 12th October and the current release 5th Revision was made on the 18th, I worked on it pretty much solidly over that period, and it probably took a total of about 75 hours to put together, it's been under testing since. It is very unlikely, I believe you need different decrypted system files for it to function correctly with an AMD system, these are not included.

Yes it supports multiple cores. Core 2 Duo, Xeon etc.

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Pentium D's using 8. Those of you who have no idea who I am, so allow me to introduce myself properly I'm mac. As you can imagine, and may very well already know, it's been a busy and dramatically changing last few years for the OSx86 scene, with many big names, retiring, leaving due to disputes, or just generally getting tired of all the forum etc.

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When the DVD is released, you'll notice my perfectionist tendencies in the install DVD, there are no spelling mistakes, no stupid errors, no missing features, no System Profiler crashes, no standard programs removed. At some point in the future most likely, but until a stable x86 kernel etc.

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I've also heard Leo install DVDs are made slightly differently, so it may well be more complicated - that may just be a rumor however I haven't used OSX on my computer in awhile, seems like things have gotten better. I'll check this out when its available. Are you uploading it now or is it still in progress? Just waiting for the last beta tester to confirm everything is fine on his system The latest this should be released is the 26th provided everything works out OK.

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As soon as I get the OK from him, i'll be uploading it, and will post here to let you know where you can find it. So this should work with my i board I'm in! Thanks a lot, great stuff if it works. Hopefully your version of Leopard will have the same fixes for i boards. Yes, it should work fine on your i board, due to the fixed kernel. Only thing I couldn't fix with this kenel is the reboots at least on my SLi board - it still doesn't reboot properly Cool one, mac.

Can't wait til you release this! It's great to read how you have kept things as standard as possible without all the extras. I've spent a lot of time on the xda-developers forum hacking wm6 on smartphones and have suffered the same problems with hacker customized screens which is great for some people but I just want the damn thing to work and I'll load other applications on if and when I might need them.

None of the releases so far seem that compatible looking at the forums and it looks like I will have to give up my RAID'ed disks 2 x striped - boot plus 2 x mirrored - data. Looking at what you've said I'll give yours a go as I want to kiss goodbye to MS Vista which slowly seems to be corrupting by picture files. Does this work without any issues audio, ide etc? Last edited: Aug 31, Reactions: zmp and AphoticD. Jun 4, Wisconsin, USA. Jun 2, 2, 1, ARM Computing.

So does YouTube, but it unfortunately happens to be a crucial component of modern life, thus I'll let it slide. Good job everybody. Update: I've just confirmed that Pixelmator 1. Reactions: AphoticD and zmp. This is link for COG audio player. Last edited: Sep 3, Added list of Intel hardware that Tiger runs on despite not being supported, along with main caveats.

Thoughts from a combined Apple/Linux/Windows geek.

Jun 8, 1, Kingman, AZ. Amethyst1 said:. Do you get accelerated graphics with the XT? And would you like to add these caveats to the first post? I ran tiger on iMac too, all equipment works with it pretty fine, even graphics acceleration with XT, except sound. Tiger fully updated with all critical security updates.

Strange as when I tried to install any updates for Tiger on my iMac it would make the OS unbootable. I have preinstalled universal intel image.

MAC OSX - TIGER 10.4 - Install DVD

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