Mac startup chime not working

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. No chime on starting…so I googled the query Why No Chime? I enjoyed the chime, as it reassured me the booting-up was underway.

I call on Apple to provide the chime as a free download, an optional extra for the loyal Apple customers who value it. Many of us like the startup chime, but unfortunately there is no startup chime on new Mac laptops. The startup chime has existed since the very first Mac, why they removed it is a mystery too many. I was wondering if Apple will ever bring back the startup sound for the newer Macs in a future update. I hope so. Even better, have the option to enable or disable the startup sound. I was wondering about that to, because I am completely blind, and use VoiceOver to navigate successfully on the computer.

I like the startup chime, because it helps me to know that the computer has turned on and is loading. I wrote the command down so I have it for the future. There is a command to use, if you want the Mac to play a chime when you plug in the power adapter. I do not know if this works on newer Macs, but you can try. Type this exactly: defaults write com. This is part of it. One more thing. If you decide to turn it off, and I recommend that you unplug the power adapter for both of these.

To turn off the sound when power adapter is plugged in, do the following command exactly: defaults write com. Anyone try any of these commands and find their iMessage and FaceTime disabled? Try logging out of iCloud completely, then log back in.

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I think this article got the Terminal command wrong. Works fine for cold boots as well as reboots. I just got a iMac. The problem is that if I leave it overnight to sleep, the screen in the morning is dark. There should be some sign that the machine is sleeping. That would be cool to see again. For these useless argues,We should do nothing but blaming Apple Inc, At least, they should add lots of easy things into system preference settings. I have tried the alleged fix.

How to Troubleshoot Startup Problems With Your Mac

My friends tried it. It does Not stop the chime more than one cycle.

I have considered modifying the hardware to disable the speakers for the first seconds after a power on. I might be missing something here but…I have always used the startup chime as an indication that the Mac has passed POST power-on-self-test. If the machine did not chime you knew there was a serious hardware problem or the machine was muted!!

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I suspect the chime was dropped as part of the hardware product line unification. Macs are going the same way. The boot chime is reminiscent of days gone by when the Mac was king. Now the Mac is part of a greater Apple ecosystem experience, which I certainly identify with more these days as I ponder all my Apple products.

The point of the whole name being colored was of course to easier to find or identify. I dissaproove of engineers who believes that they know better than the user! No, I hate that! The chime actually tells the user that a number of systems were checked and passed muster. If for example there is a RAM issue one hears the sound of broken glass..

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  4. One should have the option of course not to know what is going on aurally but it should not have been removed totally. Apple does what it does for example the changing to the hard see thin fonts I am forced to squint at as if every Mac user is under under 30 with perfect vision.

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    8. I could go on but I think I have said enough. The system is in so many ways, terrific it would never stop me from staying with a Mac but having some choices in the OS like chimes and fonts for the system itself would work for me bigtime. I agree. I miss the chime and resent Apple for removing it. I suggest those who want it back communicate their desire to Apple via their product feedback page.

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      I miss the chime — without it the machine is just a machine, quite without soul. I have a MacPro mid 5,1 and after upgrading to OS I saw on osxdaily a method of going into the terminal and activating the chime again. I tried that and the chime was still gone. Several attempts gave me the same results.

      How to permanently turn off your Mac’s startup sound

      I guess on some configurations the chime is now a thing of the past. For me it was a lazy way of knowing when select another boot option. So far, I can still make everything happen without hearing the chime. I had this same thing happen to mine. About time this antiquated sound was permanently removed. It serves NO purpose, and in the world we live in, starting up your computer silently is a necessity in meetings and common courtesy in public places. I replied to several inquiring how to do this on older Macs that still have this feature, if you wish a permanent solution to muting the start up chimes, check that link.

      I have used it for years going back to Snow Leopard, it works great!! It DOES serve a purpose. How else is a user supposed to know when to hold down the Option key when rebooting to Windows partition via Bootcamp? The chimes have never served any purposes in OSX. The sound used differs depending on the ROM, which greatly varies depending on model type. This short sound is played when an Apple Macintosh computer is turned on.

      The sound indicates that diagnostic tests run immediately at startup have found no hardware or fundamental software problems. I am amazed all the people asserting there is NO use for the chime. Here is one use I have been using for years: As an alarm clock. I set my computer to boot the next morning when I need to wake to get ready for work.

      The first thing I do when I wake is check my accounts online, so it was perfect — the max wakes me up and is now booted for me to use.