Time machine backup on another mac

In the background, it was defaulting to an smb format despite me having specified the afp format on the destination drive.

Connect to Time Machine Share on Client Mac

TM then instantly recognized the destination volume. Somewhere between Tricky because it is then hidden. Hope this helps. Open Finder on the machine to be backed up. Find your target machine and click on it. MOUNT the drive on this machine—i. I also portioned my backup Mac with a G partition for the backup to ensure no corruption etc. I am running High Sierra on the source and target machines and ran into some difficulties with this process but then got it to work.

How to move your content to a new Mac

I didn't bother with SMB vs. AFP as noted above left them both turned on , but what I discoverd on the System Preferences, Sharing screen is that in addition to the Options button which has general choices about sharing SMB and AFP, you can two-finger click on the Shared Folder itself in the Shared Folders list and then choose Advanced Options from the context menu to get other options that apply to that particular share only.

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Specifically, there is a checkbox for 'Share as a Time Machine backup destination" and a sub-choice to limit the size of backups. Once I set those parameters and went back to the source machine, the share was visible as a valid backup destination.

Use a shared folder with Time Machine on Mac

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. CajunLuke Gary Gary 96 1 1 3. First, configure your target machine the one with the USB drive attached: Give it a useful name.

How to Set Up Your Mac to Act as a Networked Time Machine Drive

I use 'Remote Backups'. Now you need to configure your source machine the one you want to keep it's Time Machine volume on this drive: Open Finder on the machine. Mount the drive on this machine. If you're asked for a user name and password use the user name and password on your target machine that you used to login and setup the share.

The list should include the mounted drive, select that. Pick your encryption options and hit the Use Backup Disk button You're now all set up to use this remote drive as your Time Machine backup location. Ian C. This apparently only works when all the planets are in alignment.

I assure you no planets align for this to work in my network but I'm happy you found an answer you're so enthusiastic about. By "planets aligning" I simply meant that it only works when no special cases exist. Was I using hyperbole? In fact, I only had to mount the drive; OS X automatically recognized that it was the drive I had previously had directly connected to the Mac I recently migrated to a new one, which is now the one in the office connected to the external.

Pretty cool. I'm not sure which "special cases" are a source of concern, but I'm happy to report that this works for me without resorting to astrology. If the drive is not showing up in Time Machine on your Source Machine the machine you want to back up , do the following: Click 'Sharing' then 'Options'. Aseem Aseem 81 1 1. This was the missing trick! You so ROCK!

Set Up Time Machine Sharing on Host Mac

Every other 20 places on the web keep talking about using tmutil and using afp: Yes I have the Server. Here is an excerpt from their website: GeoXman GeoXman 9 2. It works even though Apple support told me it wouldn't.

Important step that I missed: Alex 1, 2 20 Rob Page Rob Page 1. Not possible that I know.

How To Use Time Machine 2018

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Blog Experience-led writing on Technology and Photography. How to set up a shared Time Machine backup drive in macOS High Sierra One of the first things you should invest in as a photographer is a robust backup solution. Step 1: Select the correct volume that you want to erase. Click Erase. You can name it whatever you want. Step 2: Your Hub Mac will now use the disk as a Time Machine backup volume. Step 3: Make sure that File Sharing is checked. Enter a limit if you want, this will be a total limit for all the Satellite Macs that you will be connecting.

Click OK. Step 4: Select the disk. You can have a mixture of Satellite Macs that have encrypted and unencrypted backups. Click Use Disk.

If asked to authenticate when connecting to the Hub Mac , use the username and password of your account on the Hub Mac. Do not convert an unencrypted backup to an encrypted one and vice-versa. I ran into a situation where the backup size just kept increasing with no end. Take note that you can have a Mac backup to several Time Machine drives at any given time.